New! Deep-dive into the innovative power of the SMU - Rohde & Schwarz (5 of 6)

In this podcast, Philipp Weigell, Director of Product Management for Power Products, Meters, Sources and Audio Analysers at Rohde & Schwarz share insights on the innovative technology within SMUs. Philipp also discusses how the technology enables accurate measurement of even the smallest leakage currents to be found in diodes and the applications which present the biggest challenges.


IoT and Edge Computing - Trends, Challenges and Solutions Implementation

Discover how to realize your IoT potential, connect, collect and transfer data on premise or to the cloud, and implement real business decisions.






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Global IOT trends

2021 Global IoT Trends Report

We reached out to our global customer base with an IoT survey between September 2020 and December 2020. We got 2,095 completed questionnaires, primarily from engineers of IoT solutions, in 60 countries. Here are the results.


Smart Production line

Industry 4.0 - Solutions for smart production line

A production line refers to a set of sequential operations executed in a factory where materials are sent down a refining process to create an end-product. This outcome is either consumed or is a component of a bigger product that must be assembled to fabricate a finished article.


Deep learning and neural networks

Deep learning and neural networks

Deep learning (DL) is simply one of many available frameworks for deciphering machine learning problems. Deep models are termed "deep" as there are multiple computation layers.


Smart retailing with IOT

Smart Retailing with IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) is interconnected computing devices forming a system. These devices swap data networks sans human interaction. Multiple IoT applications are under development like smart city, air pollution check, and e-health.


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