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สายเคเบิ้ล & อุปกรณ์ประกอบ

สายเคเบิ้ล & อุปกรณ์ประกอบ

element14 stocks a wide range of Cable, Wire and accessories, from industry leading manufacturers. Our extensive range of cable and wire covers all of your requirements, from Coaxial, Multicored, Multipaired and Ribbon, all offering both shielded and unshielded options. 

element14 offers a variety of Single Wire Products and Prototyping Wire, UL Equipment Wire, Tri-Rated & Switchgear Wire plus Multicore and Multipair Cable including Data & Communications Cable, Audio/Microphone Cable, Mains Installation Cable, Signal & Security Cable and Coaxial & Triaxial Cables.

element14 stock the latest and most comprehensive range of Soldering equipment from leading and trusted manufacturers and brands.

To complete our cable offering, take advantage of our stocked cable accessories that are also available including Cable Ties, Mounts & Tools, Cable Glands, Heat Shrink and Sleeving products, Cable Clips, Cable Markers & Printers. All this is available through our high service proposition.

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