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Established in 1968 as a supplier of subminiature lamps, Wamco has grown over the past several decades into a trusted and leading provider of lighting solutions to the aerospace, automotive and electronics markets worldwide. Key product offerings include halogen lights, neon indicators, LED panel mount indicators, incandescent lamps, LED downlights, LED bulbs, LED lamps, LED strips and more.

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Featured Products

Versatile watertight modules that provide commercial and industrial illumination for various applications.

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High-reliability, high-brightness floodlights for indoor and outdoor illuminations of signs, poster boards, assembly stations, and other work areas.

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Solid-State LED strips ideal for box signs, decoration lighting, and neon/fluorescent lighting systems.

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Neon, incandescent, and LED panel mount indicators for commercial and industrial indication requirements.

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LED watertight indicators designed for more rigorous working conditions.

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LED splash-proof panel mount indicators with many custom variations available.

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