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BROADCOMLED Introduction to Driving LED Matrices  Click here
BROADCOMLEDThermal Management of Braodcom High Power LED Emitter ASMT-Mxxx/ASMT-Axxx/ASMT-Jxxx ASMT-Mxxx/ASMT-Axxx/ASMT-Jxxx  Click here
BROADCOM LEDHandling Moisture Sensitive Surface Mount LED  Apr/10Click here
BROADCOM LEDSilicone Encapsulation for LED, Advantages and Handling Precautions Jan/08Click here
BROADCOM LEDSoldering LED Components Product Description  Sep/10Click here
BRIDGELUXLEDNew Generation RS Arrays up to 5600-to-8000-lm range ideal for street light Click here
BRIDGELUX LED Effective Thermal Management of Bridgelux LED Arrays Sep/10Click here
BRIDGELUX LED Electrical Drive Considerations for Bridgelux LED ArraysSep/10Click here
BRIDGELUX LED Handling and Assembly of Bridgelux LED Arrays Jul/10Click here
BRIDGELUX LED Optical Considerations for Bridgelux LED ArraysSep/10Click here
BRIDGELUX LED Reflow Soldering of Bridgelux LED ArraysAug/09Click here
BRIDGELUX LED Reliability Data Sheet for Bridgelux LED ArraysApr/10Click here
CREELED Electrical OverstressOct/09Click here
CREELED LED Color Mixing: Basics and BackgroundAug/10Click here
CREELED LED Eye Safety Application NoteSep/10Click here
CREELEDCree® XLamp® LED Thermal ManagementXLamp®Feb/09Click here
CREELEDElectrical OverstressOct/09Click here
CREELEDOutdoor Lighting in general with Cree Click here
CREELEDStreet Lighting with Cree products Click here
CREELEDCree® XLamp® MP-L EasyWhite™Pendant Luminaire Reference DesignMP-LClick here
FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverDesign Guideline of Single-Stage Flyback AC-DC Converter Using FAN7530 for LED Lighting FAN7530Aug/10Click here
NXPLED DriverA Miner’s Lamp Using the MC9S08QG4MC9S08QG4Jul/08Click here
NXPLED DriverAutomotive High Brightness LED Control Based on the MC9S08MP16 Microcontroller MC9S08MP16Apr/10Click here
INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER LED DriverUniversal-input (90- 265 VAC) LED driver using IRS2541 IRS2541Mar/07Click here
LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED Driver100V Controller Drives High Power LED Strings from Just about Any Input LT3756Mar/09Click here
LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED DriverμModule LED Driver Integrates All Circuitry, Including the Inductor, in a Surface Mount PackageFeb/09Click here
MICROCHIPMCUAN1257 - Closed Loop Chromaticity Control: Interfacing a Digital RGB Color Sensor to a PIC24 MCPIC24Jul/09Click here
MICROCHIPMCUSoftware PWM Generation for LED Dimming and RGB Color ApplicationsPIC12Jan/08Click here
NATIONAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LABORATORYBuck LED DriverApplication Note 1629 Thermal Performance of the LM3404/04HV in SO-8 and PSOP-8 PackagesLM3404HV Click here
NATIONAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LABORATORYBuck LED DriverApplication Note 1764 LM3431 Evaluation BoardLM3431 Click here
NATIONAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LABORATORYBuck LED DriverApplication Note 1839 LM3402/LM3404 Fast Dimming and True Constant LED Current Evaluation BoardLM3404 Click here
NATIONAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LABORATORYBuck LED DriverApplication Note 1872 LM3423 Boost Evaluation BoardLM3423 Click here
NATIONAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LABORATORYBuck LED DriverApplication Note 1907 LM3423 Buck-Boost Configuration Evaluation BoardLM3423 Click here
NATIONAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LABORATORYBuck LED DriverApplication Note 1982 Small, Wide Input Voltage Range LM2842 Keeps LEDs CoolLM3404 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverCOT Drivers Control LED Ripple Current Sep/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverDesigning a Boost LED Driver Using the LM5022LM5022Feb/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverDimming Techniques for Switched-Mode LED DriversJul/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM2755 Charge Pump LED Controller with I2C Compatible Interface in μSMDLM2755Apr/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3401 Demo BoardLM3401Jun/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3402/LM3404 Fast Dimming and True Constant LED Current Evaluation BoardLM3402/LM3404Dec/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3405A eMSOP Evaluation BoardLM3405AJun/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3406 Evaluation BoardLM3406Sep/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3406HV Evaluation Board with 2 Wire DimmingLM3406HVJan/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3407 Evaluation Board Reference DesignLM3407Jan/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3409 Demonstration BoardLM3409Nov/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3409HV Evaluation BoardLM3409HVNov/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3410X 190mA, LED Driver 6-Pin LLP Evaluation BoardLM3410XApr/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3410X LED Driver 5-Pin SOT-23 Demo BoardLM3410XJan/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3410X LED Driver 6-Pin LLP Demo BoardLM3410XFeb/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3423 Boost Evaluation BoardLM3423Dec/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3423 Buck-Boost 2 Layer Evaluation BoardLM3423Jul/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3423 Buck-Boost configuration Evaluation BoardLM3423Dec/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3424 Boost Evaluation BoardLM3424Sep/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3424 Buck-Boost Evaluation BoardLM3424Aug/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3429 Boost Evaluation BoardLM3429 Aug/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3429 Buck-Boost Evaluation BoardLM3429 Sep/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3431 Evaluation BoardLM3431Jan/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3433 10A to 40A LED Driver Evaluation BoardLM3433Jan/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3433 4A to 20A LED Driver Evaluation BoardLM3433Aug/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3433 HB LED Driver Evaluation KitLM3433Feb/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3434 20A Evaluation BoardLM3434May/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3445 120VAC Small Evaluation BoardLM3445Nov/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3445 208-277VAC Non-Isolated Evaluation PCBLM3445Oct/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3445 Off-Line TRIAC Dimmer LED Driver Demo BoardLM3445Apr/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3528 Evaluation BoardLM3528Aug/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3553 1.2A Dual Flash LED Driver System with I2C Compatible InterfaceLM3553Mar/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM5027 Evaluation BoardLM5027Aug/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLP5521 Power efficiency considerationsLP5521Apr/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLP5521 Programming ConsiderationsLP5521Apr/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLP5521TM Evalutaion Kit LP5521Jan/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverPowering and Dimming High-Brightness LEDs with the LM3405 Constant-Current Buck RegulatorLM3405Jan/08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Buck LED DriverApplication Note 1500 LM3402/02HV Demo BoardLM3402 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Buck LED DriverApplication Note 1545 LM3404/LM3404HV Evaluation BoardLM3404 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Buck LED DriverApplication Note 1585 LM3402 and LM3404 High Power PSOP-8 Evaluation BoardLM3404 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Buck LED DriverApplication Note 1750 LM3406 Evaluation BoardLM3406 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Buck LED DriverApplication Note 1853 COT Drivers Control LED Ripple CurrentLM3404 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Buck LED DriverApplication Note 1954 LM3409 Demonstration BoardLM3409 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLED Drivers for High-Brightness LightingLM3405A/LM3407/LM3406/LM3401/LM3409/LM3424/LM3421/29 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLM3401 MR16 Reference Designs for Non-Dimming & Dimming LED ApplicationsLM3401 Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverMR16 and PAR38 LED Bulb Reference Design Using National`s LM3429 LED Driver and the Nuventix SynJet® CoolersLM3429 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORPMIC11 W Triac Dimmable PAR30 LED DriverNCL30000Jul-10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED Driver350 mA Buck Boost LED Driver using Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs), High Side Current Sensing and a NCP3063 ControllerDec/07Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED Driver700 mA LED Power Supply Using Monolithic Controller and Off-Line Current Boosted (Tapped Inductor) Buck ConverterApr/08Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORPMICA 48 V/ 2 A High Efficiency, Single Stage, Isolated Power Factor Corrected Power Supply for LED Drivers and Telecom PowerNCP1652Jan-10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORPMICA Constant Current Adjustable 0.7 A to 1.5 A, Up to 55 Vdc Single Stage Power Factor Corrected LED Power SupplyNCL30001May-10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverAutomotive Applications The Use of Discreten Constant Current Regulators (CCR) For CHMSL LightingMay/09Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverBuck Boost LED Driver using FETs, High Side Current Sensing and a NCP3063 ControllerNCP3063Dec/07Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverHigh Intensity LED Drivers Using NCP3065/NCV3065NCP3065/NCV3065Apr/09Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLED Driving with NCP/V3063NCP/V3063Jan/08Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORPMICMake a White-LED Torch Using a Buck ConverterNCP1529Sep-10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverNCL30001, NCS1002: Up to 28 V, 3.3 A Constant Current Offline High PF LED DriverNCL30001, NCS1002Mar/10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverNCP1252 Boost and CAT4026 LED Driver BoardNCP1252,CAT4026Oct-10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverNCV7680 LED Driver Linear Regulator PerformanceNCV7680Dec-09Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverPower Stage Design Guidelines for the NCL30000 Single Stage CrM Flyback LED DriverNCL30000Dec/09Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverThermal Considerations for the ON Semiconductor Family of Discrete Constant Current Regulators (CCR) for Driving LEDs in Automotive ApplicationsAug/09Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR LED Driver1 W to 5 W MR16 LED Driver GreenPoint® Reference Design NCP3065 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverCAT4201: Three LED 300 mA MR16 Driver CAT4201 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverNCP3065: 12Vac or 12Vdc MR-16 Sharp ZENIGATA LED Module NCP3065 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverNCP3065: SEPIC LED Driver for MR16 NCP3065 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverNUD4001 and NUD4011 Current Sources for LEDs Lighting ApplicationsNUD4001 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverNUD4001 LED Driver Demonstration BoardsNUD4001 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR PowerSolution of LED LightingNCP1396 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverUsing the NUD4001 to Drive High Current LEDsNUD4001 Click here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGYVisible LEDsOPTEK Optimal Series Thermal ResistanceMar-09Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverTLC5916 One-Wire Control – Eliminating Microprocessor Control for LED DriverTLC5916Jul-09Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverTPS40211 - SEPIC Design for MR-16 LEDTPS40211Oct/10Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverBallast Resistor Calculation – Current Matching in Parallel LEDTPS60250Apr/09Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverCompensating and measuring the control loop of a high-power LED driverTPS61165/TPS61170Oct/08Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverExtending the Input Voltage Range of the TPS6116x/7x/8x/9x WLED DriversTPS6116x/7x/8x/9xAug/09Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS PWM controllersNew current-mode PWM controllers support boost, flyback, SEPIC and LED-driver applicationTPS40211/TPS40210Aug/08Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverSolutions for LED Driver Overvoltage ProtectionTPS61043Jun/09Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverMR16 LED Lighting Driver (1.1A@5.7V) Reference Design TPS54260 Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverTPS40211 - SEPIC Design for MR-16 LEDTPS40211 Click here
VISHAYLEDSpecification, Handling, Thermal Management and Design-InJul/08Click here
ManufacturerProduct TypeAN TitleAN NumberPart NumberURL
BROADCOM Color managementColor Management of Red, Green and Blue LED Combinational Light Source Mar/10Click here
BROADCOM High Power LEDThe Latest LED Technology Improvement in Thermal Characteristics and Reliability - Braodcom’s Moonstone 3-in-1 RGB High Power LED Mar/10Click here
BROADCOM High Power LEDThermal Modeling for Application of High Power LED Mar/10Click here
CREELEDEnergy-Efficient Lighting LifecycleDec/09Click here
CREEThermal ManagementOptimizing PCB Thermal PerformanceJan/10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLEDA Halogen Desk Lamp Conversion to LEDs that meets the ENERGY STAR® SSL Power Factor Requirement for Residential LuminairesJun/09Click here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGYThermal ManagementLEDs and Heat: Managed or Micromanaged?Jan-10Click here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGYThermal ManagementThermal Management of Visible LEDs Jun-06Click here
TYCOThermal ManagementConnectors 101: What Lighting Designers Need to Know Click here
ManufacturerProduct TypeWhite Paper TitleDate PublishedURL
AVAGOHP/HB LEDsALMD-LX36 / XX3D:  High Brightness SMT Oval LED LampsSep-10Click here
AVAGOMCUsRGB LED Color MixingSep-08Click here
BRIDGELUX HP/HB LEDsBridgelux LED ArraysFeb-09Click here
CREELED ModuleCree LED Module IntroductionNov-10Click here
CREEHP/HB LEDsThermal Management for XP and MX XLAMP LEDsApr-10Click here
CREEHP/HB LEDsXlamp Lighting-Class LEDsSep-08Click here
CREEHP/HB LEDsXLamp MC-E and XP-E Color LEDsOct-09Click here
CREEHP/HB LEDsXLamp® XP-G LEDs Apr-10Click here
FARNELLSolution100~300W Street LED LightingFeb-10Click here
FARNELLSolutionHigh Brightness LED Driver Solution Based on Cypress PowerPSoCFeb-10Click here
FARNELLSolutionHigh Power LED Driver Solution based on Microchip Boost Mode LED Driver MCP1630 & XLP Low Power MCUFeb-10Click here
FARNELLSolutionLED Solar Garden Lighting Solution From STMicroelectronicsSep-10Click here
FARNELLSolutionLED Traffic LightsMay-10Click here
FARNELLSolutionPortable LED BacklightJun-10Click here
FARNELLSolutionSolution on Automotive LED  Signal LightingJul-10Click here
INFINEONLED DriverLow Cost LED Drivers for General LightingMay-10Click here
LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED DriverHigh Current LED Driver with Three-State ControlClick here
LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED DriverLT3496 - Triple Output LED DriverAug-09Click here
LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED DriverLT3518 Full-Featured 45V, 2.3A Switch Current LED DriverClick here
LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED DriverLT3598: Six String LED DriverDec-08Click here
LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED DriverLT3755 - High Side Sense LED Controller for  High Current LED ApplicationsOct-09Click here
LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED DriverLT3756-2 100V Input, 100V Output Multi-Topology LED Driver Controller - Video Product BriefClick here
LUMEXUV LEDsLumex QuasarBrite™ UV LEDsJul-10Click here
MICROCHIPLED DriverDriving LEDs with a Boost RegulatorFeb-09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverAn Overview of LM3424 controller for LED driver with Thermal foldbackMar-09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverDriving High-Power LEDs Without Getting Burned - Part 1Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLighting Solution with  PowerWise®; LED Drivers (LM3410)Oct-08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverLM3405: Constant Current Regulator for Powering LEDs Dec-08Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverAutomotive LED Lighting Challenges & SolutionsApr/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverDesigning LED Driver Circuits Using WEBENCH LED DesignerDec/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverInfrared (IR) OLIROS LED Lighting Module on PowerWise Design TVJul/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLED Bulb Replacement Using National LED Drivers & Nuventix SynJet® Coolers on PowerWise Design TVJun/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLED Driver Design for General IlluminationMay/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLM3409 High-Brightness LED Dimming DemoJul/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLM3424 Thermal Foldback - Easy Thermal Control for LED LightingOct/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLM3464 - Accurately Drive Multiple Strings with Just One LED DriverJun/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLM3530 Content-Adjustable Backlighting DemoJul/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLM8502 Smart Lighting Controller DemoMay/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverWEBENCH LED Designer -- LED Driver Design in MinutesFeb/09Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverWEBENCH® LED Architect Software Guided TourSep/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverWEBENCH® LED Designer & Architect WebinarSep/10Click here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Designing LED Driver Circuits Using WEBENCH LED DesignerClick here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverLED Applications and Driving TechniquesClick here
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LED DriverWhat's New in PowerClick here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverConstant Current Regulator  for Driving LEDsApr-10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverConstant Current Switching Regulator for LEDs with ON/OFF Function: NCP3066Jul-10Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverNCP3095: Constant Current Switching Regulator for LEDsOct-09Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTORLED DriverQuad-Mode LED DriverOct-09Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS SolutionLED General Illumination Solutions Power Supply ControlJun-09Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LED DriverTI LED Lighting Power Solutions OverviewClick here
ZETEX SEMICONDUCTORHP/HB LEDsZXLD1350 - High Power LED DriverDec-08Click here
ManufacturerProduct TypeTraining TitlePart NumberURL
Basic color theory and measurementSOUL SEMIA conversion tool for converting Lumens to Candela, Lux to Candela, Lux to Lumens and Lumens to MilliWattsGeneral Parameter Lumenous Conversion Click here
Circuitry design/simulation for LED driver DIODES INC. ZXLD1374 calculator LED Driver design toolClick here
DIODES INC. ZXLD1370 calculator LED Driver design toolClick here
DIODES INC. AL8805 calculator LED Driver design toolClick here
DIODES INC. ZXSC300 Feed Forward calculator. LED Driver design toolClick here
DIODES INC. High power LED driver: - ZXLD1360 LED Driver design toolClick here
DIODES INC. High power LED driver: - ZXLD1350 LED Driver design toolClick here
DIODES INC. ZXLD135X_136X_Multi_device_calculator LED Driver design toolClick here
DIODES INC. Calculator for part number ZXLD1320 LED Driver design toolClick here
DIODES INC. Multidevice Calculator for AP88XX LED Driver design toolClick here
FAIRCHILDbuck regulatorsClick here
INFINEONICB2FL01G calculations (ICB2FL01G calculations.xls)fluorescent lamp ballast ControllerClick here
INFINEONInfineon LED Driver Solution Tool (Driver select, schematic layout, parameter caculate,BOM list) LED Driver Selection Tool for General Lighting ApplicationsClick here
IRThe  Ballast design toolClick here
NATIONAL SEMILED Driver design WebenchLED Driver DesignClick here
NXPFlyback & Buck converterSolid State Lighting DesignerClick here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR Product Recommendation & design tools For LED DriverLED Driver design toolClick here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR driver design online toolClick here
Optical designLEDILOpticsOptical designClick here
LAMBDA REASEARCHOpticsOptical designClick here
Thermal design AAVID THERMALLOYThermal Resistance Tool for Bonded Finsthermal Resistance calculationClick here
LED/ LED module SelectionCREEProduct Characterization Tool Click here
CREEEnergy Savings & Cost CalculatorEnergy Savings & Cost CalculationClick here
Light System DesignOSRAMOSRAM Light-Consultant Light System DesignClick here
OSRAMOSRAM LED deSIGNer Light System DesignClick here
OSRAMOSRAM Light-a-HomeLight System DesignClick here
ScopeManufacturerFunctionTools TypeURL